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Yacht carpet cleaning, interior soft goods and exterior cushions cleaned and protected to your satisfaction.
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Master Fabric Care V.O.F. (MFC) provides complete cleaning services for luxury yachts. These services include:

Yacht Carpet Cleaning

Yacht Carpet After Cleaning
Yacht Carpet After Cleaning

Master Fabric Care V.O.F. not only cleans and protects yacht carpet, MFC also protects extensively the fine woodwork, furniture and other interior appointments from possible damage during the cleaning process. MFC also cleans high quality area rugs with special requirements to ensure a clean and long lasting area carpet. You can depend on MFC to do the work properly, on time and on budget to your satisfaction.


Most importantly, Master Fabric Care V.O.F. cleans and protects uphostlery. Used just as much if not more than carpet, quality upholstery lasts longer and looks better with regular cleaning.

Yacht Upholstery Cleaned
Yacht Upholstery Cleaned

Draperies and Hangings

Master Fabric Care V.O.F. cleans and protects draperies and wall hangings. MFC knows how delicate these yacht appointments are and uses its many years of experience to clean draperies and hangings properly.

Draperies and Hangings Cleaned
Yacht Upholstery Cleaned

Overheads and Wall Coverings

Do you have fabric overheads and wall coverings? No problem, Master Fabric Care V.O.F. will care for these delicate fabrics the way fine yacht coverings should be. Rest asured MFC will clean and protect overheads and wall coverings to your complete satisfaction.

Cleaning Yacht Interior Overheads and Wall Coverings

Cleaning Yacht Overheads    Cleaning Yacht Coverings

Exterior Cushions

Master Fabric Care V.O.F. knows that exterior cushions need to be cleaned for appearance and for longevity. MFC will clean and protect exterior cushions the way you expect. MFC will store exterior cushions for boats in refit to further protect these valuable cushions safely.

Yacht Cushions Cleaning
Yacht Cushions Cleaning

Exterior Cushions Cleaning
Yacht Exterior Cushions Cleaning

Cushions Securely Stored
Yacht Cushions Securely Stored

Fire Retardant

New requirements have been enacted regarding the treatment of fabrics on yachts for fire retardancy. For yachts that come under this requirement for treatment with LARGE YACHT CODE and MCA MGN 580 (M) by BTTG we provide this service through Flame Screen Ltd., the leader in yacht flame retardant. You will be safe to know that wherever you are travelling the yacht can be retreated with the same quality product and knowledgeable applicators. Go to the Fire Retardant Compliance Page for more information.

Fire Retardant for Yachts
Flame Retardant for Yachts

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