Master Fabric Care V.O.F.

Need yacht carpet cleaning? Interior drapes and fabrics? Exterior cushions? Master Fabric Care V.O.F. will clean and protect all yacht appointments to your satisfaction. Managing Director Richard Perkins with over 35 years of experience servicing yachts between south Florida and Europe is the source for the proper care of your yacht.

Matress Stain Removed
Before and After Mastress Stain Removal

Yacht Carpet Cleaning

Yacht Carpet Cleaning

Hire the best in yacht carpet cleaning with Master Fabric Care. Put over 30 years of experience to work for you!

Yacht Interior Cleaing

Interior Appointments

Get the finest in cleaning and protection for interior soft goods in a yacht from Master Fabric Care.

Yacht Exterior Cushions

Exterior Cushions

Master Fabric Care gives quality care to yacht exterior cushions. Master Fabric Care equals peace of mind.

Master Fabric Care V.O.F.

Thank you for visiting the Master Fabric Care V.O.F. (MFC) web site. MFC looks forward to consulting with you for the best care of your yacht.

Richard Perkins had formerly owned and operated Interior Technology Services in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for 34 years before moving full time to Amsterdam, The Netherlands to run Master Fabric Care V.O.F. which was previously known as Interior Technology Services V.O.F. and has been in business for 12 years.


Yacht Carpet Cleaning

MFC cleans and protects yacht carpet to your satisfaction.



MFC cleans and protects yacht upholstery to the highest of industry standards.


Draperies and Hangings

MFC provides the light touch so important in the care of draperies and hangings.


Overheads and Wall Coverings

Get MFC to clean and protect the overheads and wall coverings on your boat.


Exterior Cushions

MFC offers proper care for exterior cushions on a luxury yacht.


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Master Fabric Care is looking forward to making your life better and your yacht appearance perfect!

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When it comes to yacht carpet, yacht interiors or exterior cushions, you can't go wrong with Master Fabric Care V.O.F. Contact Us today for more information and an appointment.